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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro (QTP 8.0)?

The first version of the quick test professional had its launch in the month of November of the year 2002 by its sole creator mercury interactive. Later in the year of 2007, HP (Hewlett Packard) took over mercury interactive and quick test professional became its sole property. 

Features and Benefits of the Quick Test Professional 8.0

a) Quick test professional is a tool that follows the object based approach. This means that the quick test professional operates on the principles of test object model for carrying out various testing operations. Therefore, by using quick test professional the test operations can be automated based on either test objects, automation objects or utility objects.

b)The quick test professional has been solely created for carrying out regression as well as functional testing. However, sometimes it may be employed for performing performance testing and compatibility testing.

c)Like a keyword driven test automation frame work, the quick test professional also follows a key word driven approach.

d)Only windows operating environment is supported by the quick test professional. What the quick test professional is actually dependent on is the user interface for the automation of the test objects rather then depending up on the server side interactions.

e)CUI or command user interface is not supported by the quick test professional but it does support the web based and GUI based application software.

f) No matter in which language you are comfortable, the quick test professional provides a multilingual environment to work in. It supports chinese, japanese, korean etc. depending on the license.

g) For data driven testing the excel like sheet has been adopted by the quick test professional and also it has adapted the VBScript by Microsoft for scripting the test cases.

h)  A lot of tool support is available for quick test professional like:
- An integrated VBScript engine so that file system can be used along with the scripting features.
- An integrated SQL engine for using SQL statements to carry out data base operations in quick test professional.
- Integrated spread sheets to carry out data driven testing.
- XML format is available.
- Integration with other tools like quality center and winrunner is possible.
- User interface test case automation is possible along with some non UI test case automation like data base operations and file system operations.

i) It has been derived from the mother tool of quick test professional i.e., the Astra Quick test.

j) Microsoft internet explorer is very well supported by the quick test professional for the purpose of recording tests.

k) It is desk top application.

l) Quick test professional was developed in cooperation with .NET technology.

m) Quick test professional is a stand alone or a first tier application since resources are stored as external and internal files due to the lack of a data base.

n) Two types of licenses have been granted to quick test professional:
- Float license or concurrent license: this license grants access to only one user at a time.
- Node locked license or seat license: this is used from a fixed machine or system.

o) Quick test professional has got support for Unicode.

p) Though the services of the quick test professional cannot be shared from one machine to another, the sharing of resources is on different machines is possible. 

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