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Friday, September 28, 2012

What is a QTP batch testing tool?

Under the context of quick test professional the term given for the execution or running of multiple tests or a series of tests at the same time is “batch testing” or sometimes it is also called “batch execution”. 
However, this batch testing cannot be performed normally like the other applications, a special tool is needed. Quick test professional provides such a tool and it is called “batch testing tool” or the “test batch runner”. 
The batch testing process follows the below mentioned process:
  1. Creation of individual tests.
  2. Execution of the individual tests created in the first step.
  3. Formation of batches using the batch testing tool.
  4. Execution of the batch tests on tests from batch testing tool.
  5. Observation of result via test result viewer.
Here one thing to be noted is that the provision of viewing batch wise result is not available in quick testing professional for the batch testing sessions. 

Creating a Test Batch

- For creating a test batch, you need to hog down to the tools menu in the menu bar of the quick test professional window.
- Then select test batch runner, then batch, then add option, then specify the path of the test to be added, then save it with appropriate extension like MTB or module test batch and  finally close the test batch runner. 

Execution of Test Batch

- For the execution of a test batch you again need to open the batch testing tool i.e., the “test batch runner” by following the same sequence of steps as discussed for the creation of a test batch. 
- But instead of the add option you need to select the run option. 
- When you do this, the test batch runner is launched and the tests are executed one by one. 

Here if you don’t want to use test batch runner or if you are facing issues with it, you can go for batch testing using other mercury products by checking the “allow other mercury products” check box and clicking OK. 

- In some cases it may be required to run only some specific tests and not all.
This is also possible in quick test professional via test batch runner. 
- For doing this, you just need to open the test batch runner like always and go to option “open test batch”, then select or deselect from the lists of the tests and go for run test batch. 
- The selected tests are kept in waiting mode till they are all executed one by one. 
- Another mercury product that serves the same purpose as the test batch runner is the “multi test manager”
- After the execution of the scripts is complete via test batch runner you can open up that particular test script, then go to automation, then results option and here you have the results. 
- When your test batch is set to batch mode, the entire results cannot be viewed at a time. 
- This whole program can be scheduled if you want it to be scheduled by going to the scheduled tasks option in the control panel. 
- There are some known issues with the quick test professional’s batch testing tool like consolidated test results cannot be viewed and if by chance the batch test execution stops in the mid way, the batch cannot be executed again. 
- The batch runner window should be closed and opened again. 
- Whenever a test is completed, the QTP window comes in the front and the AUT window goes back, the next is opened and executed. 
- For multi test manager the same steps are followed as for the quick test professional. 

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