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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is QTP? What are the types object Repositories in QTP?

HP has set out a new margin in the field of test automation by introducing the quick test professional. This test automation suite has a dedicated efficiency towards the automation of functional and regression testing scripts for testing software system, applications as well as environments.
There is no doubt that the quick test professional is from the family of HP quality center tool suite and can be very well used for enterprise quality assurance. 

What is Quick Test Professional (QTP)?

- A very user friendly graphical user interface is what that makes the quick test professional quite amiable with the users. 
- It provides extensive support for keyword and interface scripting.
- The language that is used here for manipulating the controls and objects present in the application and setting out the specifications for a test procedure is the VBScript or visual basic scripting edition. 
- The original writer of the quick test professional is mercury interactive itself as it was for the other HP products. 
- The current version of the quick test professional version 11.0 has been made available via the HP software division. 
- This present version of quick test professional has proved to be the most reliable as well as the stable version among the rest of the versions. 
- Till now 12 versions of quick test professional have been released out of which there was a version 7.0 which was never released. 
- Quick test professional can be called as a complete test automation tool than a test automation suite. 
- It mainly operates on the Microsoft windows operating system. 
- This test automation tool comes with a proprietary license. 
- The quick test professional can even test the test the testing environments unlike the previous test automation tools which could only test the software systems and applications. 
- It helps a great deal when it comes to the identification of the objects in a web page or an application user interface and can even perform desired user – interface interactions. 
- The quick test professional has been developed by HP especially for UI based test case automation but it can also be extended to automate some of the non UI based test cases such as those mentioned below:
  1. File system operations
  2. Web services testing
  3. Data base testing and so on.
- It is cent percent correct to say that the quick test professional is the true successor of winrunner. - In some of the cases it may happen that the HP quick test professional may not identify some of the complex as well as other customized user interface objects. 
- These objects have to be defined by the users as virtual objects. 
- However, there is no support provided by HP low level mode recording or analog recording of the virtual objects. 

Types of Object Repository of QTP

Now let us discuss regarding the object repository of the quick test professional. 
- An object repository can be thought of as a store room of quick test professional where it stores all the information regarding the objects. 
- The object repository also enacts as an interface between the AUT and test script in order to facilitate the identification of the objects during the execution process. 
- In QTP objects are classified in to following 4 categories:
  1. Test objects
  2. Utility objects
  3. Run time objects
  4. User defined objects or automation objects
- A local object repository is also created by quick test professional automatically for each and every action when the recording is in progress. 
- These local repositories cannot be shared among different tests. 
- However, they can be supplemented by additional objects by the user. 
- Operations like insertion, deletion and renaming can be performed by the user on the objects present in the local repository. 

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