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Monday, September 17, 2012

Explain about the QTP Automation Object Model? What is the use of Text output value in QTP?

Automation object model or AOM is one of the important utilities provided by the quick test professional and this is what that has been discussed in this article. 
Before going on to the main topic we shall discuss about what an object model is?

What is an Object Model?

- An object model can be considered to be a structural representation of the classes or the software objects that are responsible for the implementation of the software system or application. 
- A set of classes and interfaces is defined by an object model along with their other aspects like:
  1. Relationships between them
  2. Events
  3. Methods
  4. Their properties and so on.

What is Quick Test Professional Automation Object Model?

- The quick test professional automation object model can be used to write the test scripts. 
- The test scripts that are written using the qtp automation object model are used in the process of the automation of the operations of the quick test professional. 
- Objects, their methods and properties are provided by the qtp automation object model which enables the tester to control the quick test professional via some other software system or application. 
- For automating any of the quick test professional operations scripting languages like those mentioned below:
  1. Java Script
  2. Visual C++
  3. .net
  4. Visual basic script and so on.
- This quick test professional automation object model basically serves the purpose of automating the operations of the quick test professional. 
- With the new version of the quick test professional automation object model the test management process can be also automated. 
- With this feature a virtual control over each and every feature of the quick test professional can be maintained and also grants power to control the capabilities. 
- The capabilities can be controlled with the properties, methods and objects that are included with the quick test professional automation object model. 
- The quick test professional automation object model has made it quite easy to perform the quick test operations multiple times in multiple tests. 
- There is no need to open the quick test application software again and again. - There are several other tasks that can be performed using the quick test professional like:
  1. Such scripts can be written that can modify the properties of the test object description in the object identification dialog box.
  2. Scripts that can perform an update run on all the tests can be written.
  3. A newly installed add- in can be associated to all the relevant tests by means of an automation script.
  4. Automation scripts for running a selected batch of tests can be written.
  5. In quick test professional the settings for a test can be defined. Then clicking up on the “generate script” will generate an automation script that will be based up on the current settings of the test. These same current test settings then can be applied to multiple tests automatically without any manual intervention.
- The automation object model is considered to be a collection of objects, their methods and properties by most of the people.
- Any of the quick test operation that has been described in the quick test professional interface can be performed throughout this quick test professional automation object model. 
- It would not be wrong to say that the automation object model is a concept that is implemented in order to automate the whole quick test professional.

Use of Text Output Value in QTP

- There are certain types of output values in qtp and text output value is one of them. 
- With the help of these values the values which the software system or application is taking can be viewed. 
- They provide a means for capturing the values taken by the application in every run and put them in the data table. 

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