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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is a Test Fusion Report in QTP?

This article gives a detailed description of what a test fusion report is. Once a test has been executed, all the aspects of that particular test report are displayed by a certain report that has been termed as the test fusion report. 

What are Test Fusion Reports?

Basically the below mentioned aspects of a test run are displayed by the test fusion report:
  1. A high level overview of the results.
  2. Tree view of that particular test specifying the exact point where the application software actually encountered failure and this tree view is expandable.
  3. The data that was used during the test run.
  4. The screen shots of the steps of the test run where the application software showed some discrepancy.
  5. Explanation of each check point in high detail along with the fail and pass criteria.
- These test fusion reports can be combined along with the quick test professional. 
- The main advantage of this is that on combining these reports with the quick test professional, they can be shared among the whole development and quality assurance team. 
- The test fusion report displays at what all exact points the application software failed. 
- The test fusion report consists of a data table. 
- This data table gives a record of the whole test data. 
- A screen view is also presented in the test fusion report which provides one with the actual screen view. 
- With the aid of the test fusion report, even the success or failure of the check points can be determined. 
- The test fusion report proves to be quite a handy tool while the developer has to report to its client or customer. 
- There are some other components of the test fusion report as mentioned below:
  1. Name of the test
  2. Test case
  3. Start of the test run
  4. End of the test run
  5. Name of the result
  6. Iteration
  7. Status
- A different aspect of the test run is displayed by the test fusion report and can also be considered to be a kind of compilation of the whole application testing process. 
- The screen shots provided by the test fusion report provides a solid support for any inconsistencies that are present within a software application. 
- The test fusion report is represented in the tree format and displays all the aspects of the test run in the same format. 
- You can find detail for each and every step of the iterations here in the test fusion report. 
- All the results of a test are collected by the test fusion report. 
- Test fusion report can also be categorized under the instances of the collecting parameter return. 
- There is a big difference between the errors and the failures which is distinguished by the test frame work. 
- Anticipated problems are called failures whereas the un- anticipated ones are the errors. 
- All these are listed by the test fusion report. 
- The results of the testing have to be reported at various stages like unit testing, integration testing and system testing and so on. 
- The test fusion report provides the state of the software product that is under development through different angles. 
- Producing this test fusion report takes around 5 – 10 percent of the total development effort. 
- This percent though being quite less is of great significance, after all an organization cannot give a certification about the readiness of the software product in just one line. 
- Producing a test fusion report becomes much more important especially when the software encounters some problem.
- There are several other aspects of the software system or application that the customer would like to know apart from the functional requirements like a few mentioned below:
  1. platform
  2. dependence
  3. performance and so on. 

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