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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What is QTP? Which environments are supported by QTP?

QTP or quick test professional is another very useful testing tool from HP (Hewett Packard) like others such as winrunner, test director and so on. 
Well, the quick test profession has been designed especially for testing methodologies that are quite rigorous in nature such as functional testing and regression testing. 

What is Quick Test Professional?

- Quick test professional is a sole creation of HP software division unlike the other softwares that were actually developed by mercury interactive and hired by HP. 
- Although the code for this testing suite was written by mercury interactive itself.
- The most stable release of the quick test professional till now has been the 11.0 version. 
- Quick test professional can only be operated on Microsoft windows operating system. 
- The quick test professional or QTP is categorized under the category of test automation tools since it facilitates the automation of the functional and regression tests. 
- The quick test professional forms a part of the HP’s quality center tool suite and can be very well used in the enterprise quality assurance. 
- The license of this testing suite is proprietary. 
-The following aspects are most supportable by quick test professional:
  1. Key word interfaces
  2. Scripting interfaces
- The quick test professional like the other testing suites by HP sports a quite good graphical user interface. 
- The quick test professional makes use of the VBScript i.e., the visual basic scripting edition scripting language for making the specifications of a test procedure. 
- Apart from this, the visual basic scripting language is used for the manipulation of the objects as well as controls of the software system or application that is currently under test. 
- The quick test professional carries out the regression testing and functional testing by means of a user interface which may be either a web interface or some native graphical user interface. 
- The working principle of the quick test professional is that is works through the identification of the several GUI objects present in the graphical user interface or some web page. 
- It can also perform the following functions:
  1. Performing desired operations which may consist of user events like mouse click or generating some input from key board.
  2. Capturing object properties such as handler ID, object name and so on.
- The visual basic scripting language is used by the quick test professional only for accomplishing short and simple tasks.
- For performing complex and big tasks, it is required that you modify the VBScript that lies underneath the code.

What environments are supported by QTP?

Regarding the environments, quick test professional is known to support most of the environments since it is quite advance as compared to its old counterpart- the winrunnner. 
There are so many releases of quick test professional as mentioned below:
  1. 5.5- first release in the year of 2001
  2. 6.0 – released in 2002
  3. 6.5 – released in 2003
  4. 7.0 – this version was never released.
  5. 8.0 – released in 2004
  6. 8.2 – released in 2005
  7. 9.0 – released in 2006
  8. 9.1 – released in 2007
  9. 9.2 – released in 2007
  10. 9.5 – released in 2008
  11. 10.0 – released in 2009
  12. 11.0 – released in 2011
Different versions of quick test professional are known to support different number of environments based up on its capabilities and features.
However, the latest quick test professional version 11.0 is known to support the following:
  1. Web
  2. Java core
  3. Java advanced
  4. .net
  5. WPF
  6. SAP
  7. Oracle
  8. Siebel
  9. Delphi
  10. People soft
  11. Stingray 1
  12. Power builder
  13. Flex
  14. Terminal emulator
  15. Mainframe terminal emulators
  16. Windows mobile
  17. Web services
  18. Visual age Small talk
  19. Silverlight

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