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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can we record an application running on a remote machine using QTP? Explain the keyword CreateObject?

The quick test professional supports the recording of the applications be it on the same machine or on some remote system. The point is that recording on the same machine is much more feasible than compared to the recording what is done on applications installed on remote systems. 
Also the quality that is perceived in both the cases has a lot of difference. 
- The recording that is carried out on the same system is far better as compared to the recording that is carried out on some remote system. 
- For starting the record in quick test professional one just needs to click on the record button which will open up the record and run settings dialog box. 
- This box actually opens up automatically every time a new recording is started on a test.
- In this record and run settings dialog box, a tab is there which corresponds to the add - ins that are installed for the quick test professional software package as well have been loaded for the current test. 
- There is one more tab which is always available and is titled “windows application tab”.
- This tab can be used while operating in environments such as the following:
  1. Visual basic
  2. Active X
  3. Terminal emulators and so on.
- For any of those environments mentioned above the record and run settings are classified in to 2 groups as stated below:
  1. Record and run on a specific window: this option works for a particularly selected environment and is the recommended option by the quick test professional.
  2. Record and run on any window: this option works when it is not important to the user that whether or not the window belongs to a particular environment.
- If you are some one new to the quick test professional you can go for the default quick professional test settings. 
- Once you are done with these settings, it will always be used by the quick test professional while operating up on the additional record sessions on a particular test until and unless these settings are changed manually. 
- Quick test professional completes the recording in few steps and after completion the recording is saved.

How to record an application running on remote machine?

- A remote application can be recorded provided on one condition which is that the application which is to be recorded must be accessed through the local browser and not by using any remote browser such as citrix. 
- In some cases, it may happen that even by using the local browser you may not be able to record the application! 
- For such cases it will work if you install the application as well as quick test professional on the same machine.
- If you attempt to record on some application and find that you are unable to record anything then make sure that you completed the following steps properly:
  1. The application that you want to record is open and you have selected the record and run option for it. if the application is not open, the recording won’t take place.
  2. You have configured the record and run settings properly.
  3. You have selected the windows application tab.
Also, before you start recording the application you should know its type.
- If you are going to record web applications then make sure that you have the following add – ins installed:
  1. Web
  2. .net
  3. Active X
  4. .WPF
  5. Java and so on.

What does the keyword “createobject” is?

- This key word is used to create a reference to an automation object and to return the same. 
- The syntax for this is as follows:
Createobject ( name of the server, type, [,location] )
- Here, the server name denotes the name of the application to which the object belongs. 
- Location argument specifies the network server where the object has to be created. 

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