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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is Object Spy? How to Use it?

Object spy is one of the most important tools in winrunner as well as in quick test professional. In this article we are going to discuss what role object spy serves in quick test professional and how it is used in the same. 

What is an Object Spy?

- With the help of object spy the basic structure of any of the test objects can be known. 
- The best thing about object spy in quick test professional is that the structure of a particular object can be viewed in the tree format. 
- All this makes understanding of the test objects much easier. 
- In addition to this use, the object spy can also aid us in viewing the test object and run time properties as well as methods of all the objects present in the software system or application. 

How the object spy can be used in quick test professional?<>

- For launching object spy just go to tools menu and click on the object spy tab. 
- Clicking on this tab will open up a dialog box named “object spy”.
- In that dialog box you need to select the application software whose object methods and properties you wish to see. 
- After this in the object spy window you need to select the pointer image. 
- All the objects present in that particular application will be listed and from these you can select the one whose object methods and properties you wish to view. 
- There are two particular things that can be viewed using the object spy as mentioned below:
  1. Properties of a specific object and
  2. Methods applicable for that object.
- Many different properties of the selected objects can be viewed. 
- This viewing of the object methods and properties is facilitated by the pointing hand mechanism of the object spy. 
- As this pointer is hovered above the objects, their corresponding methods and properties are displayed in the window of the object spy dialog box. 
- The details of the object may also include the hierarchy tree of the test objects. 
- The object spy also displays the syntax for the object methods at your command. 
- Different properties can be viewed in different environments. 
- Objects such as following can be viewed using the object spy in quick test professional:
  1. Dialog
  2. Static
  3. Active X
  4. Edit and so on.
- The object spy can be considered to be the same as the GUI spy that comes with the winrunner. 
The object spy contributes a lot while writing descriptive programming. 
- In object, the properties of the objects are displayed along with their corresponding values. 
- Object spy is such a feature provided by the quick test professional with which the total information regarding the objects can be obtained.
- There are 3 tabs in the object spy dialog box namely:
  1. Properties tab
  2. Methods tab and
  3. Navigation tab
- Clicking on the properties tab all the properties of the objects along with the values and hierarchy tree are displayed. 
- Clicking on the methods tab all the methods of the test objects and run time objects are displayed. - Clicking on the navigation tab, the tool bar is displayed. 
- Object spy just like the gui spy of the winrunner is an in built feature. 
- For opening the object spy apart from just clicking on the object spy option on the tool bar there are two more ways:
  1. Go to the object repository window and double click the object spy icon.
  2. After opening the object repository navigate to the tools and select the object spy option. 

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