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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is QTP? What is meant by logical name of the object?

Quick test professional or QTP as it is commonly called is the creation of Hewlett Packard with a purpose of carrying out regression as well as functional testing. 
This quick test professional software or we can say it test automation suite was developed as an integral part of the quality center tool suite of Hewlett Packard. This test automation suite was developed so that it can be used for enterprise quality assurance. 
The quick test professional sports a scripting and key word interface featuring a GUI or graphical user interface. 
VBScript or the visual basic scripting edition is what is used by the quick test professional:
  1. For writing specifications for a test procedure.
  2. For manipulating the controls of the software system or application under test.
  3. For making changes to the objects present in the software system or application.
Whether or not the software system or application is working as required, is verified by the quick test professional by means of what are called the “check points”. These check points are added to the test by the users themselves as a means for checking for the presence of a text, bitmap or an object in the software system or application. 
There are currently nine types of check points that are offered by the quick test professional for checking various aspects of the application software like:
  1. Properties of an object
  2. Records within a data base
  3. Data within a table
  4. Bitmap image
  5. Text present on the application screen and so on.
The 9 types of check points are namely:
  1. Standard check points
  2. Image check points
  3. Table check points
  4. Page check points
  5. Text check points
  6. Text area check points
  7. Bit map check points
  8. Data base check points
  9. Accessibility and XML check points
The exception handling in quick test professional is facilitated by using the recovery scenarios. Data driven testing or DDT is also supported by the quick test professional by implementing it as a Microsoft excel work book which is accessible by the quick test professional. 
Two types of data tables are provided by the quick test professional namely:
  1. Global data sheets and
  2. Local or action data sheets

What is meant by logical name of the objects?

- For the identification purpose the logical names are used by the quick test professional in place of the object’s actual names. 
- The logical name of any object is assigned to it based on which class it is in. But in most of the cases the logical name of the object is the label that it has. 
Logical name can be thought of as a very meaningful way of representing the description of a GUI object in software like winrunner and quick test professional.
- The GUI objects in winrunner and quick test professional are recognized by the means of their logical names instead of using the whole physical description provided by the user. 
- The logical names of the objects are assigned by the winrunner or quick test professional itself depending up on which one you are using. 
- The objects from the AUT are learned by the quick test professional and the description is stored in the object repository along with a logical name for each of them. 
- These logical names are also required by the VBScript for generating code whenever the recording takes place. 

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