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Monday, September 10, 2012

How to perform Cross platform testing and Cross browser testing using QTP?

Two types of particular testings can be performed easily using the quick test professional and they are mentioned below:
  1. Cross platform testing and
  2. Cross browser testing

What is meant by cross platform?

Cross platform can be defined as an attribute that can be given to a software system or application that can be operated across multiple computer platforms. Today there are two types of cross platform softwares available as mentioned below:
  1. Softwares that require individual compilation for each platform that is supported by them and
  2. Softwares that require no individual compilation and can be run directly on any platform that they support.
For a software system or application to be entitled as cross platform software it is required that it operates successfully on both the following:
   1. More than one operating system and
   2. Computer architecture.

- Checking a software whether or not it is cross platform compatible is a time consuming activity since all the different operating systems come with a different API or application programming interface. 
- Whenever a software system or application is designed as such that it can support multiple platforms, the demand for its quality assurance increases dramatically. 
- For ensuring this quality the cross platform testing is carried out.

What is meant by cross browser?

- Cross browser is an attribute for web sites, web applications, client side scripts and HTML constructs which are able to perform well in the environments or browsers which have the required features and also in the browsers and environments which lack those features. 
- Today, there are many browsers available and all of them are used by the end users for accessing the same web site or web application. 
- Therefore, it has become equally important that the web site or web application must be able to function properly on all web browsers. 
- This is ensured only by carrying out the cross browser testing.
- Also, the same request made on a web site or web application is handled differently by different browsers.
- Cross browser testing not just tests the client side of the web application but it also tests the server side behavior of the web site or application. 
- Therefore, there are two types of cross browser testing:
  1. Server side cross browser testing
  2. Client side cross browser testing
Now coming to how the cross platform testing and cross browser testing is performed using quick test professional. For performing these two types of testing in quick test professional you need to create separate actions for operating systems as well as browsers. 

How Cross Platform Testing is performed in QTP

- The cross platform testing can be facilitated with the help of built-in environment variable in quick test professional since using it one can dig up the information of the operating system. 
- Later, the actions recorded on this particular platform can be called. 
- On the other hand, using the actions created for the browsers you can extract the browser information. 
- The actions that are relevant to that particular browser should only be called. 

How Cross Browser Testing is performed in QTP?

Before beginning with the cross browser testing you need to get the type of browser that you are using by following an example mentioned below:
Browser( “core values”)
For getting a particular version of a browser,
getROproperty( “version” )
- Any dynamic browser changes are not allowed in quick test professional while the scripts are in running mode. 
- These scripts need to be configured for the current browser. 
- Also, you should set up the driver scripts in the beginning itself so that you can easily change your configuration settings whenever required. 

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