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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How would you connect to database using vbscript?

VBScript or visual basic scripting edition is the basic scripting language for the HP test automation suite called the quick test professional. This scripting language is quite a lively script whose interpretation is done via script host of the Microsoft windows. This scripting language comes with a whole lot of excellent and powerful functions with good support for data types, error handling and variables. 

There are two engines that can interpret the VBScript namely:
  1. Wscript.exe and Cscript.exe: it works in the GUI environment f the windows with the help of the WSH or windows script host. However this engine is basically used for automating the administration tasks as well as to automate the systems.
  2. VBScript.dll- this engine can be invoked by asp.dll and basically serves in the web environment.
VBScript is used as the following in quick test professional:
  1. Data base record set object
  2. Data base command object
  3. Data base connection object
Here in this article, it has been discussed about how a connection between data base and quick test professional can be established through the VBScript. 

The below mentioned are the various VBScripts available for connecting and accessing data base in quick test professional:
  1. Updating records in a record set
  2. Deleting a record from the record set
  3. Finding a record in record set
  4. Clearing a data base table
  5. Connecting to an ADO data base
  6. Adding a new record to the data base

How to connect to a database using VBScript?

- To connect to a data base using VBScript, a DSN inventory is required. 
- An ADO connection is another requirement for making an open connection with a specific data source. 
- Once this connection is established, the data base can be easily accessed as well as manipulated. 
- Also, once this connection is established it is not important how many times that data base is accessed. 
- Another way to establish a connection with the data base using VBScript is by passing a connection string through some record set object or a particular command. 
- Though this method is quite quick but it holds good only for the single specific queries. 
- An essential connection from a web server to a data base is nothing but a data source. 
- This connection can either be established via a dedicated machine running SQL server or through a data base file on a web server at some other location. 

Two types of DSNs or data sources are available namely:
  1. File DSN: This is the connection that is created by the script when an access to the data base is required. Here the path and name of the data base to be accessed needs to be specified. Another condition for this DSN to work is that the data base to be connected to must be residing on a server in a directory which must be accessible by the script.
  2. System DSN: Creation of this kind of connection is under the charge of the administrator of the web server which consists of the required data base. This is the most popular data base connection since it is much reliable than its former counterpart.
- After the access to the data base is complete it is important that the connection should be closed at the end of each page. 
- For creating any application, the foremost thing that is required is data base itself. 
- A number of programs are available for developing a data base, however, the Microsoft access remains the most popular of them all. 
- It is important for web application designer to know the basics of the data base usage with VBScript as well as active server pages for developing real web applications.

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