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Thursday, February 7, 2013

What are two methods provided by TestPartner for functional test development?

TestPartner is quite a successful GUI software testing tool. Micro focus developed this product with the intention of providing means for functional testing and GUI testing to the software developers and testers who have hard deadlines to work up on. This testing tool helps these software developers and testers to achieve more of testing in less time. 

Two primary methods  are provided by the TestPartner for functional test development:
1. Code oriented development
2. Visual storyboard – based development environment

About Code Oriented Development

- Code oriented development uses the Microsft VBA (visual basic for applications). 
- The major benefit of including this in the development environment is that using it, users can access the rich IDE (integrated development environment). 
- Access to IDE is important since it contains all the core visual basic application libraries plus the capabilities that are inheritable in VBA such as error handling, ability to reference public libraries, debugging and so on.
- A library of VBA – based functionality is provided by the Compuware TestPartner and has been specifically built to be used in the functional test automation.

About Visual Storyboard

- Visual storyboard – based development environment interface is also known as the “visual navigator”.
- It is used extensively for developing the functional test automation. 
- The following things are provided to the user through this capability:
Ø  A screen preview i.e., the screen shot of window of application under test.
Ø A list of test automation steps. These are the steps are the steps that were performed while testing against the screen.
Ø  A story board providing a series of test steps that have been performed against a number of screen previews.
- There is another advantage of this approach which is that the users can access the test automation functionality.
- In addition to this they get the ability to add variabalization, different test logics and so on. 

Advantages and Benefits of TestPartner

- Version 6.3.0 is the latest in the series of Testpartner. 
- Testpartner lets you accelerate the testing process at the same time delivering high quality software products on time. 
- The functional test automation through Testpartner is quite easy and cost effective. 
Testpartner proves to be a powerful tool for functional test automation. 
- The tool is quite easy to understand and use. 
- Users get intuitive insights through the test analysis and visual test creation. 
- Further, there is no requirement of code which it makes usable even for the non – technical business users. 
- Accelerated testing means that the testers and developers can keep pace with the development and quality is no longer seen as a bottleneck. 
- With the visual and storyboard oriented approach of the Testpartner, such business processes can be captured that can empower the experts for creating the sophisticated test cases without being able to write the script code. 
- The analyzation of the test results is simplified by the Testpartner through its visual storyboard. 
- With this story board, it becomes easy to check where the test actually failed and where the modification is required. 
- Testpartner is well equipped with modular structures and powerful extensions. 
- With these, the technical users can access all the debugging and scripting capabilities of VBA for creating advanced test cases that are repeatable.
- Integration of the test cases that have been written in VBA or visually is possible in Testpartner.
- Tests created by the Testpartner are quick in adapting to the changes made to the application. 
- The test results can be used in incorporating the maintenance changes, thus accelerating the maintenance process. 
- The built – in verification capability of the Testpartner lets you add steps for testing the results.

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