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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What are the features of Telerik Test Studio?

About Telerik Test Studio

- Telerik test studio is a software testing tool that has been developed for carrying out different  kinds of testing such as the functional testing for web and desktop applications, performance testing, mobile application testing and load testing etc. 
- Telerik developed it to suit all kinds of web and desktop applications eliminating the need for writing the code.
- This testing tool lets you build easy collaboration between the QA professionals and the software developers. 
- The tool has been built in such a way so as to support several web technologies such as the HTML, Silverlight, javascript, and ajax. 

Features of Telerik Test Studio

  1. The test recording in test studio does not depend on the scripts.
  2. It supports cross – browser testing for a number of browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet explorer and safari.
  3. Application testing is supported for applications developed in HTML, Silverlight, MVC and ajax.
  4. It supports the web element abstraction and focuses on reusing them.
  5. The test studio can be integrated with the 2008 and 2010 editions of the visual studio.
  6. The tool can be integrated with the Nunit, Xunit and MbUnit.
  7. The test studio validates the user interface based up on the sentences.
  8. It has got a visual storyboard that lets the team members know about the progress done so far.
  9. It supports the customization of the test in and C#.
  10. It can also be used to carry out exploratory testing.
  11. Telerik test studio can be integrated with the HP quality center.
  12. It can also be integrated with the Telerik Team pulse.
- In other words, Telerik test studio provides one simple solution for most of the testing needs. 
- A special version of the test studio called the test studio for iOS has been developed using which the developers can create tests for apple products. 
- Using this tool, the developers can carry out the testing directly on the device. 
- Here, the element detection is not based up on image.
- Instead, object based recording is used.
- It supports development platforms such as the monotouch, Xcode and phonegap.
- One can test both the native and hybrid apps.
- For creating load tests you can either capture them or use the fiddler logs.
- You can run the functional tests as the performance tests and gather data regarding the client rendering time, network latency and server processing time.
It is quite easy to get started with and quite easy to use too. 
- To create even the most complex functional, performance and load tests what that it all takes is navigation, pointing and clicking. 
- The test studio further helps in streamlining the teamwork by providing a common platform on which the developers and testers can work together. 
- Another thing about telerik test studio, it fits any budget since in one software testing tool you get the both performance and functional testing tools. 
- The license of this tool is quite affordable and can be easily obtained. 
- Some other features of test studio are:
  1. Lightswitch – powered apps automation
  2. Multi – browser support
  3. Manual testing
  4. Telerik controls automation
  5. Provides native support for the kendo UI widgets
  6. Data – driven testing
  7. Support for browser dialog and html popups
  8. Support for frames and frame sets
  9. Historical view of the tests
  10. Test customization
  11. Single virtual user license type
  12. Reporting dashboard
  13. GUI test recorder
  14. Visual studio professional and team system integration
  15. Simple interface
  16. Built – in data grid
  17. Code-less conditional logic support

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