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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Explain Rapise - Web Functional/Regression Test Tool

In this world of web–based applications, every application is unique and therefore its testing needs are also different from the other applications. To satisfy all those different testing requirements, environments, specifications, scenarios and so on we require many different testing tools. So a number of web functional/ regression testing tools have been developed and all of them possess some unique features that suit to needs of the different testers. 

In this article we discuss about one such web functional/ regression tool called Rapise that has been developed by the Inflectra inc. 

About Rapise

- This tool provides a platform for functional test automation. 
- The architecture of this tool is quite open and can be extended if required. 
These two qualities make it very flexible for testing the applications.
- Rapise has built–in cross–browser testing capabilities that support several versions of the following web browsers:
  1. Microsoft internet explorer
  2. Mozilla firefox and
  3. Google chrome
- It supports the following applications:
  1. Ajax
  2. GWT
  3. YUI
  4. Flash/ flex
  5. AIR
  6. Silverlight and so on.
- Microsoft excel spreadsheets can be used for following approaches such as keyword driven testing and data driven testing.
- Rapise identifies the objects based up on CSS and Xpath. 
- Rapise comes with a built–in OCR i.e., optical character recognition.
- It relies on JavaScript for scripting purpose. 
- An open format is used for storing the scripts as well as the identified objects unlike other tools that store them in a database or a proprietary binary file. 
The JavaScript editor included with Rapise is full function edition and has a feature called the automatic code completion. 
- An active JavaScript debugger that is plug-gable plus has watches and break points, is also included in Rapise tool. 
- Rapise has made cross browser testing much easier than before. 
- This is all because of the cross – browser testing capabilities that are of the best standard and multiple browser versions as mentioned earlier in the article. 
You have the choice of recording and creating one test script and executing the same in all the major browsers without making any modifications to it. 
Rapise claims to have the most flexible as well as the powerful test automation features ever available in the market. 

Features of Rapise Testing Tool

Below we mention some features of Rapise testing tool:
  1. Learn and go functionality: This lets you create test scripts rapidly. This works in a more efficient manner than what traditional recording and playback methods we have. The editing of the object takes place during the learning process.
  2. Keyword driven testing and data driven testing
  3. Windows and web application testing
  4. Can be extended using Javascript
  5. Adobe AIR and Flash support
  6. Supports DevExpress, Infragistics and telerik controls.
  7. Support for Qt framework
  8. Integrated reporting capabilities that are very powerful.
  9. Integration with SpiraTest for effective test management.
- This tool has leveraged the power of extensible architecture by a great measure. 
- For user, the JavaScript source code has been made available for library recognition as well as execution. 
- All these features let you automate the test where other testing tools are bound to fail. 
- With such advanced features, Rapise can be called as the most customizable, extensible and flexible test automation tool. 
- Key functions can be modified by the users as per their requirement and the recording aspects can be customized with the help of custom plug – in libraries. - Since Rapise is using Javascript, a broad range of users can access it.  

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