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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Explain Fabasoft app.test - Web Functional/ Regression Test Tool

About Fabasoft app.Test

- Fabasoft distribution GmbH has developed a web testing tool called the fabasoft app. Test.
- It can be used to create tests based up on the patterns that are effective in reducing the complexity of the java and HTML applications.
- These tests do not contain any CSS and XPath expressions but they do contain statements that are meaningful and can be easily understood. 
- The features of this tool can be extended by connecting with it the eclipse plug–in that is a point–and-click editor. 
- This plug–in can be used for designing effective patterns for web sites. 
Fabasoft app. Test supports web browsers such as Mozilla firefox, internet explorer, and safari and so on. 
- In all these browsers, tests can be recorded using the above point–and–click recorder.
- The recorded test scripts than can be replayed immediately after recording in the other browsers and there is no need for modifying those scripts.
- The tool is even capable of generating various reports in formats such as PDF or html, documentation of the errors consisting of various dumps and screen shots. 
- It supports various platforms such as:
1.   Win
2.   Linux
3.   Mac OS – X

Features of Fabasoft app.Test

Some of the characteristic features of this web testing tool are:
1.   Recorder
2.   Multi – browser support
3.   Script and dialog error handler
4.   Documentation of the errors along with screen shots
5.   Various dumps
6.   Several reports in formats such as pdf and html.

- If you have opted for using fabasoft app. Test, you can just sit back and relax and let the tool take on the testing process. 
- The tests that are created with fabasoft app. Test are easy to understand and there is no requirement of the programming skills.
- It can be considered to be the next generation web testing. 
- You can teach fabasoft app. Test about your application in just a few clicks. 
The fabasoft app. Test can test the application further for omissions and errors. 
- The tool is quite easy to install and use.
- Large scale web sites are developed through standards such as content management systems (CMS) including red dot, liferay, joomla and so on. 
- Since these web sites represent the reputation of the companies, it is important that they should remain highly accessible all the time and free of errors. 
- The web developers often end up looking for GUI testing tools for testing their sites. 
- Fabasoft app. Test can be used for the automated testing of the web applications no matter what technology has been used for building these applications such as ASP, PHP, flash, JavaScript and so on. 
- The fabasoft app. Test can be taught about the structure of the application to be tested. 
- Once done with this, you can start with the recording of the test and obtaining reports. 
- It ensures that your application is can run on all the platforms and web browsers. 
- Stay automatically informed about the status of your application testing. 
- You get to know about a problem as soon as it is encountered and solve it well in time.
1.   Fabasoft app. Test studio
2.   Point and click recorder
3.   Multi browser support
4.   Control specification designer
5.   Internationalization of the tests
6.   Test player
7.   Console player
8.   Remote agent
9.   Commander
10. BIRT report support
11. Html reporting

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