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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How test cases are generated using Testing Anywhere?

Testing anywhere software product helps you create the test cases using any of the 5 methods namely:
- Web recording
- Object recording
- Image recognition
- Smart recording and
- Editor

- While editor can be used for editing the test cases by advanced users, wizard is for those who do not have any programming skills. 
- Another facility is that the creation of the files that are executable. 
- These files are created in such a way that they can be executed on a machine that might be located in a remote location. 
- IT and business processes are created by the work flow designer and is managed by the same.
In this article we explain how the test cases can be generated using the testing anywhere product. 

How test cases are generated using Testing Anywhere?

- The testing anywhere product comes with a SMART recorder that one can use to create new tests. 
- Clicking on the ‘record’ button will drop down a list of options from which you have to select what type you are testing i.e., a web or windows application type. 
- Then you need to perform the activities on the system that you want to be recorded. 
- You can insert a checkpoint wherever you want by clicking on the check point button. 
When you are done with recording the tests click on the stop button. 
- You can then save these activities in a test by clicking on the save button. 
- You can playback these test scripts whenever you want and any number of times by clicking on the run button. 
- In testing anywhere product, it does not matter if any change occurs between the size and location of the window of the application while the recording or replaying is in progress. 
Testing anywhere uses a SMART automation technology that helps in automatically adjusting to those changes.
- Another advantage of using testing anywhere is that you can work up on any number of applications.
- You do not have to finish working up on one application before moving on to the next. 
You can very well switch between the applications. 
- Testing anywhere even works while your computer is locked. 
- It does so because of the auto log-in capability that is unique to this software. 
- With this, you can schedule the tests and they will be executed even when your system is locked. 
- If this capability is enabled and the system is locked, it will be unlocked by the testing anywhere, the test will be executed and the computer will be locked again. 
- Auto log-in capability lets you run the tests in stealth mode when the system is locked. To do this follow:
Properties à security à run this test in stealth mode

- The execution will then be hidden. 
- Further, if you want to lock the keyboard and mouse you can use the ‘disable mouse and keyboard for this test’ option. 
- If you want to stop the execution of a test just keep holding the escape key for some time. 
- Using the pause key on the keyboard you can pause the test while it is executing. 
Further clicking on the resume button you can continue with the execution. 
- Another thing that makes testing anywhere unique is that it can run the tests in background. 
- A number of advanced technologies lets you run the tests in background such as:
1.    Web recorder
2.    Object recorder
3.    And a number of other powerful actions
- However, there are some tests like those that are recorded through standard recorder. 
These tests require mouse and keyboard control and therefore cannot be executed in background. 
- There are few other exceptions also such as commands such as screenshots; image comparison etc. that cannot be run in background.

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