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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Explain Telerik Test Studio? What kinds of testing are supported by Telerik Test Studio?

About Telerik Test Studio

- Telerik test studio is another in the line of software testing tools. 
- This testing tool has been developed by Telerik test studio for performing functional testing for web and desktop, load testing, performance testing, mobile application testing and so on. 
- This software testing tool can be used to test all kinds of desktop and web applications. 
This software testing tool can be used to test all kinds of desktop and web applications without having to write the test code. 
- The Telerik tool eases the collaboration between the quality assurance people and the software developers.
- A number of web technologies such as AJAX, HTML, ASP.NET, javascript, MVC and Silverlight are supported by the Telerik test studio. 

What kind of testing are done by Telerik Test Studio?

This tool can be used to carry out the following kinds of testing:

1. Functional Testing
- Almost any application (including AJAX, MVC, WPF, Silverlight and HTML) can be automated using Telerik. 
- In addition to the applications, it also supports the visual studio 2010.  
- Telerik comes with a plug – in for visual studio plus a standalone application that can be used by QA professionals for creating tests for cross browser testing. 
- These tests can be customized via visual studio or they can be converted in to unit tests.
- Most QAs use the Telerik test studio for testing the AJAX and asp.NET applications along with the client – side functionality. 
- They are also used for binding the test steps on to a data source. 
- The java script functions can be directly invoked and validated from the .net code.
- Telerik is even a Silverlight UI testing automation tool that does not depends up on the code.
- The tool comes with a rich UI object model because of which the users are able to automate the tests for the entire range of the UI elements. 
- The tool after plugging in to the Silverlight application directly can automate and access all the elements present in the Silverlight application.
- Telerik test studio has made it possible to test the reliability of the java apps. 
- It has got built – in translators for the following:
             a)    HTML5 controls
             b)    Cross – browser support
             c)    Javascript event handling
            d)    Codeless test automation of the various multimedia elements.
- Telerik makes the collaboration between the QAs and software developers effortless even if there location is not same.
- Both the visual studio plug – in and application make use of the same file formats and repositories.
- This allows the QAs to keep a check of the tests in the main application while the software developers can extend it with the code. 
- It becomes easy for the team members to know what has already been recorded by the other members via the built – in visual storyboard tool.

2. Performance Testing
- Telerik allows the analyzation of the metrics on the client and the server side, exploration of the traffic requests and counter data.
- It allows you to compare the results to the already defined benchmarks for goal setting or regression detection. 
- The existing UI tests can be supplemented with the performance metrics so that the data such as the network latency, server processing time, client rendering time etc. can be included.

3. Load testing
- Telerik test studio can be used to build tests up on the existing ones and run them so as to get a better understanding of the performance of their website under extreme conditions. 
- The load agents of the telerik test studio make use of the hyper threaded and multi-core CPUs for generating a very high user load.

4. Test studio for iOS
- This is a special version developed for automated testing of the iPad, iPhones and so on. 

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