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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Explain TestPartner - a GUI Software Testing Tool?

- TestPartner was developed by Micro Focus as a software testing tool especially for testing the graphical user interface (GUI) of the software systems and applications. 
- This testing tool was developed with the intention of empowering the software developers to functionally automate the GUIs of the AUTs. 
- The primary goal was to make the team capable of performing more application testing in a given time period as compared to the manual testing that could be performed in same amount of time. 
- TestPartner offers two basic methods for functional testing:
  1. Code oriented development and
  2. Visual story board based development
- Recently, the TestPartner version 6.3.0 has been released. 
- It is great product for accelerating the testing process and delivering high quality applications well before the deadline.
- IT managers who have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the application need to deal with several business challenges that are critical such as:
Ø  Verification of the functionality of the functions i.e., whether or not they are working as expected and meet the business requirements.
Ø  Testing of the multiple heterogeneous technologies simultaneously.
Ø  Keeping up with the fast paced release schedules that are ever changing.
Ø  Striking a balance between the application quality and the associated risks.

- TestPartner provides such functional testing capabilities that very well accelerate the testing process and enables the timely successful delivery of the software.
- This it is known to do at a low cost but with no compromise in the quality. 
- TestPartner achieves this through its unique tiered testing approach. 
- The main feature of this approach is that following it can make it possible for the testers and developers to achieve more in the given time through effective collaboration.
- This software product is even beneficial for the non – technical users. 
- The visual and the contextual approach of the TestPartner lets the non – technical users to be a part of the testing process. 
- For the expert software developers and testers it provides the access to microsoft’s visual basic for the AUTs. 
- This gives them power to cope with the most complex testing problems. 
- TestPartner maintains a special flexibility and focus on the usability of the application allowing the developers to produce more positive results with minimal requirement of training.
- It helps leverage the experienced as well as the non – technical testers to test the applications more efficiently. 
- It encourages the collaboration throughout the development cycle thus achieving greater project effectiveness. 
- Using TestPartner one can even automate the regression testing process, thus quickening the acceptance of the regular updates such as services packs and patches. 
The documentation produced by the TestPartner is quite clear and free of any ambiguity. - This further accelerates the resolution and identification of various issues related to the application under testing. 
- It makes easy for you to understand the test results so that you feel confident in releasing the software. 
- These test results can be can be used for maintaining the tests, providing better ROI. 
One can improve the quality of the application leading to lower overall development cost. 
Quality efforts can be accelerated for a number of platforms such as:
  1. Web
  2. .net
  3. Java
  4. SAP
  5. Oracle
  6. Other windows – based distributed applications.

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