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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Explain Telerik TeamPulse?

About Telerik TeamPulse

- Telerik TeamPulse has been developed by Telerik as an agile project management tool in the year of 2010. 
- One of the characteristic features of the TeamPulse is that it can be integrated as well as hosted as local Microsoft team foundation server 2008, 10 and 12 services. 
- However, it cannot be integrated with the Microsoft visual studio.
- This Telerik product is available under commercial license. 
- The features of TeamPulse have been mentioned below:
  1. Bug tracking
  2. Integration with the telerik’s web UI test studio
  3. Time tracking
  4. Backlog management
  5. E – mail notifications
  6. Cross – project dashboard known as xView and developed with html5.
  7. Task board
  8. Storyboard with WP limits
  9. TeamPulse can be integrated with Microsoft TFS (team foundation server) 2008, 2010 and 2012.
  10. Requirements manager
  11. Best practices analyzer
- The extension provided with the Telerik TeamPulse is the TeamPulse ideas and feedback portal which is based on html and is compatible with html5.
- Since TeamPulse is commercial software, it is not available for a hosted solution but it is to be used only on premise. 
- When you add TeamPulse to TFS the planning, tracking and collaboration improves automatically.
- With the real time project intelligence of Telerik TeamPulse you can improve decision making power. 
- It provides you with up-to-date views of the status of the project. 
- By using TeamPulse, you bridge the boundaries between the team members and their geographical location i.e., the communication is improved. 
- This tool has been exclusively designed for scrum and kanban teams i.e., any of these either kanban or scrum or scrumban can be used.
- It has been designed to reduce the delivery time, eliminate the waste and improve the work flow. 
- It also provides you a convenient way for collecting and managing the customer feedback. 
- It lets you create products that your customer actually needs. 
- TeamPulse lets you manage project well with the following:
  1. Work burn down
  2. Velocity
  3. Cycle time
  4. Iteration delta
  5. Agile best practices and a number of other reports. 

- Telerik TeamPulse favors most of the agile projects.
- It lets one plan, manage and monitor the results thus improving the overall process. 
TeamPulse has got a rich interface with in–context guidance making the integration with TFS faster. 
- Its other features include:
  1. Automatic notifications
  2. Bug tracking
  3. Gantt charts
  4. Interactive gantt charts
  5. Privacy settings
  6. Project templates
  7. Reporting
  8. Scheduling
  9. Task feedback
  10. Workload
  11. Dashboard
  12. Email integration
  13. Issue tracking
  14. Messaging or IM
  15. RSS feed
  16. Collaborative
  17. Issue tracking system
  18. Risk management capabilities
  19. Web application
- The tool has not got any remote capability features. It comes with the following resource management features:
  1. Time sheets
  2. Compare project
  3. Management software
- Teampulse has been developed with the view that all the clients, scenario and environment differ from each other.
- Large enterprises require a tool that is capable of scaling their workload. 
- Teampulse fits every scenario even though if you require some time to master it. 
- Firstly, you need to set up the project info, template, iterations. 
- Then you need to create your team and lastly take a view of the summary of your project. - It is recommended by the system to start with the stories.
- Being an enterprise tool, it has got many features which might make you feel like it might be quite complex to use. 
- But it is quite user friendly. 

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