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Friday, February 1, 2013

Explain Ranorex? What are its features? What are its supporting technologies?

Ranorex is a framework developed exclusively for the windows GUI test automation. Ranorex has proved to be quite an effective framework for testing a number of applications such as the following:
  1. Web 2.0 applications
  2. Win32
  3. MFC
  4. WPF
  5. Flash
  6. Flex
  7. .NET
  8. Java (SWT) and so on.
One fact about this test automation frame work is that it does not have its own scripting language. Programming languages such as and C# have certain functionality that are used by the software testers as the base. Then they use the Ranorex’s GUI automation functionality for enlarging the base.
Ranorex supports number of technologies few of which we have mentioned below:
  1. Web applications including:
Ø  Javascript
Ø  Silverlight
Ø  It also supports cross browser testing on IE, chrome, Firefox and safari
  1. Windows desktop client applications:
Ø  .net
Ø  Winforms
Ø  Win32
Ø  Java
  1. SAP
  2. Mobile apps including:
Ø  Android and
Ø  iOS
  1. Flash and flex including:
Ø  adobe air
Ø  adobe flash
Ø  adobe flex

Features of Ranorex

  1. Capture and playback editor: This feature of Ranorex is more commonly called the Ranorex recorder.This feature lets easy maintenance of the recordings through an actions table editor. It is because of this feature that the Ranorex is able to integrate with the object repositories for the automation.
  2. GUI object recognition: This feature uses the RanorexXpath for filtering and identifying any type of GUI element.
  3. Test automation library:It includes exclusively .net applications.
  4. GUI mapping: This is more commonly known as the Ranorex repository and helps in the management of all kinds of GUI elements present in the application.
  5. Test development environment: More commonly called as Ranorex studio and is used for code completion and debugging.
- This framework has won a number of awards for being the best functional automated test tool. 
- With Ranorex, one can test a large number and types of technologies such as that of the desktop, mobile and web. 
- Ranorex makes it extremely easy to create robust and powerful test automation frameworks. 
- Ranorex removes all the barriers in the path of learning process and also accelerates the process to realize a good return of investment or ROI. 
- A number of benefits come along with ranorex:
  1. Object based capture and playback editor
  2. ranorexXpath
  3. Best object recognition
  4. Professional library for .net and C#.
- Ranorex has been carried over to a more advanced level of the GUI test automation. 
- Ranorex Xpath is a very powerful technology that has made the test automation even much easier. 
- Ranorex is a testing tool which recognizes almost every UI technology. 
- Not only this, it proves suitable for all the development environments that already exist. 
- Ranorex does a great attempt in bringing together the software testers and developers. 
- The Ranorex automation framework has been developed with an open architecture. 
- At the core functionality of the Ranorex automation frame work lies an API that revolves around a .net framework. 
- The Ranorex is based on standards and helps in generation of better .net and C# user code. 
- Usually the Ranorex studio project works with a lot of files. 
- Before one starts with developing test cases, one should have all the knowledge regarding the layout and views of the tool.  
- The Ranorex studio may consist of the following types of items:
  1. Test suite
  2. Model group
  3. Repository
  4. Code files
  5. Recording

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