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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Explain FuncUnit and QUnit - Web Functional/Regression Test Tool

FuncUnit and QUnit are both tools developed for web functional and regression testing. In this article we first discuss about the FuncUnit testing tool.

About FuncUnit Tool

- It is an open source framework and therefore free to use. 
- The API that this tool uses is based up on the JQuery.
- FuncUnit can either be used as a standalone application or a part of the JavaScript full stack framework. 
- This JavaScript framework is commonly known as the JavaScript MVC. 
Almost all the modern browsers are supported by FuncUnit on almost all the platforms such as mac, linux etc.
- The tool also offers you a choice of running the tests through selenium. 
- An integrated development environment or IDE called funcIT is also available for this tool. 
- Another component is there using which synthetic events can be created and default event behavior can be performed.
- It is known as the Syn and it can simulate events such as dragging the mouse, clicking, typing and so on. 
- Using syn complex JavaScript functional testing can also be carried out. 
FuncIT lets you do the testing directly in the browser. 
- Writing, running and debugging of the tests takes place in the web browsers. - FuncUnit makes this all so easy. 
- You just need to open a page and start the debugger. 
- FuncUnit uses syntax similar to that of the JQuery. 
- This is the perfect web testing tool for you if like short and flexible test cases.  - You can run the tests in any of the browsers and later automate them via selenium. 
- FuncUnit supports the following versions of the modern browsers:
  1. Internet explorer version 6 and above.
  2. Firefox version 2 and above.
  3. Safari version 4 and above.
  4. Chrome
  5. Opera version 9 and above.
- Platforms supported are mac, PC and Linux. 
- In other words you have a complete automated testing suite.
- Some of the features are:
1.   Functional testing
2.   High fidelity
3.   Automated
4.   Free
5.   Multi – system
6. Easy to write

About QUnit Tool

- QUnit is based on the similar lines as that of the junit which is a unit testing framework. 
- This testing tool works on the JavaScript test suite (that is used by the JQuery project) for testing the code. 
- It comes with various plug – ins which render it the ability to test any generic JavaScript code. 
- Though, QUnit is somewhat similar to Junit, it does uses features of JavaScript for helping with the testing chores in the web browser like starting and stopping the facilities to carry out tests for the asynchronous code. 
- QUnit is quite a powerful unit testing framework used in JQuery mobile projects, JQuery UI and so on.
- You can get QUnit from JQuery CDN and the latest release id version 1.11.0. 
John Resig is the person behind QUnit.
- Earlier in 2008, QUnit was completely dependent up on JQuery but now it can be used as a standalone application. 
- Common JSunit testing specifications are followed by the assertion methods of QUnit.
- For automated testing writing your own testing framework involves a lot of work since you have to cover all the requirements of JavaScript code. 
- QUnit makes this all easy. 
- You need to include only two QUnit files on the page namely:
QUnit.js: This is the test runner file and
QUnit.css: This styles the test suite so that the results can be displayed.

- Assertions are essential elements of all the unit tests and the QUnit provides 3 namely:

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