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Monday, February 18, 2013

Explain Maveryx? For what purposes it is designed?

About Maveryx Testing Tool

- Maveryx has been developed as a GUI, Regression testing and automated functional testing tool for applications written in java. 
- But Maveryx is different from the other automated GUI testing tools in the way that it does not make use of GUI maps for the creation and execution of the automated tests. 
- The recognition of the GUI objects to be tested takes place at the time of the execution. 
- This is done using an advanced GUI objects finder. 
- Fuzzy and exact matching algorithms are supported by this search engine. 
Such algorithms are also used in the identification of the test objects present in the application user interface. 
- With GUI maps, the automation process cannot be started early and so this search engine avoids GUI maps thus enabling the automation process start before the application is actually made available for testing. 
- On the other hand, possibility for deriving the tests from requirements that are either partial or lacking is achieved through approximate matching. 
Approximate testing also allows for the scripts that have resilience against the frequently changing nature of the application. 
- Many of the software quality assurance teams deploy Maveryx primarily for carrying out automated testing in agile and traditional environments as well. 
Data driven testing is also supported by the Maveryx for java applications. - It also supports a number of platforms such as:
  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac
- Maveryx does not use GUI maps for objects recognition rather it locates the objects at the run time directly when the scripts execution is in progress. 
- While the Maveryx runs a test, simultaneously it also carry out a scanning of the interface of the application under test or AUT and also searches for controls as well as the objects that require manipulation. 
- The GUI objects finder carries out an unique identification process for every test object. 
But what powers this advanced search engine?
- It is powered by a set of algorithms inclusive of the approximate as well as exact matching. 
- This technology makes it possible to get a closest match between the objects in AUT and GUI object encoded in the test scripts. 
- GUI object finder can perform this operation even if the full operation regarding the GUI object is not available. 
- The scripting language used by the Maveryx is of course the java. 
- It is because of this that Maveryx can be integrated with any of the java IDE such as netbeans, eclipse and so on. 
- Further, it can also be integrated with testing framework such as the IBM rational functional tester, JUnit and so on.
- In addition to the above mentioned testing methodologies, it also allows for using the keywords and verification points so that the test coverage can be increased, script reuse can be promoted and number of automated tests can be increased. 
- Various key technologies employed by the Maveryx are:
  1. No GUI maps
  2. GUI objects finder
  3. Data driven testing
  4. Keyword driven testing
  5. Extensibility
  6. Eclipse plug in
  7. Test reporting
- Few characteristics features of maveryx are:
  1. Test logging capabilities
  2. Automated verification points
  3. Multi – application testing
  4. Distributed application testing
  5. Error handling feature that is customizable
  6. Multilingual testing
  7. Keywords
- Metrics regarding the test cases are generated automatically by the Maveryx software.
- It also produces detailed reports with results.
- A number of reporting features are available with the eclipse plug – in of the Maveryx using which live reports and performance charts can be created during the run time of the test. 
- It also helps in the production of the final reports accompanied by statistics and table charts. 

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