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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is Rational Synergy Tool?

A task based configuration management tool was released by IBM called the Rational Synergy Tool. 

What does Rational Synergy Tool do?

- It enhances the development of the software systems and applications. 
- The development process was enhanced in terms of speed and ease by making actual improvements in the collaboration as well as communication among the team members.
- Rational synergy tool prepares a release management platform which is unified change and configurable. 
- It then brings the distributed and global team on this platform. 
- Thus, it helps in accelerating the build management and release processes which in turn amplifies the efficiency of the limited resources that are used in the development process. 
- It also plays great role in the unification of the distributed development teams. 
- All these factors contribute to the improvement of the performance of WAN or wide area network which is important for distant sites and global workers. 
- This has enabled the team members staying in different parts of the world to come together on work on a central data base that is provided by the rational synergy tool over the WAN. 
- This aids in the reduction of the need of simplification of the complex challenges in the development and replication. 
- The Rational Synergy Tool provides a complete solution to assist the organizations in improving the quality of their distributed development processes. 
- The environment provided by the rational synergy tool includes support for both the distributed as well as the centralized modes. 
- This tool comes with a powerful engine which drives the collaboration development, component based development and software reuse. 
- It assists you in achieving the desired resilience targets and scalability factors by integrating with the IBM rational and other partners. 
- The IBM rational synergy tool helps you with the following tasks:
  1. Configuration management of the end to end tasks.
  2. Baselines management support
  3. Advanced release management support
  4. Works as a single repository solution by integrating with the IBM rational change for software configuration and change management.
  5. Provides advanced support for parallel variants and development.
  6. Reduces the productivity and overhead for the software developers.
  7. Supports component based development
  8. Provides advanced SCM needs
  9. Supports global and distributed development.
- IBM rational synergy tool helps you to gain full control over the maintenance activities, document development and software. 
- No matter what size is your team, the rational synergy tool supports all from small to large development teams. 
- Also, in which environment your team is working i.e., whether in a distributed environment or a heterogeneous environment, it really does not matter for rational synergy, it supports all. 
- The process of maintenance of the multiple versions of the files in an archive is all managed by the rational synergy. 
- There are other tools available such as RCS or PVCS or SCCS which do control file versions but they are void of many benefits such as the following:
  1. Rule based configuration update
  2. Product reproducible
  3. Work flow management and so on.
- There is a lot of difference between the version control tools and rational synergy. 
- But the users who have experience with these version control tools should not find it much difficult to make transition to rational synergy. 
- The rational synergy comes with 2 types of interfaces namely:
  1. Synergy classic: This interface comes with CM capabilities which are important for admins.
  2. Rational synergy: This interface has been developed exclusively for the users who are build managers and developers.
- The rational synergy’s command line interface is applicable for both the UNIX and windows platforms. 
- Rational synergy as a configuration management tool provides a unique and easy way for the creation of a baseline. 

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