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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What is IBM Rational Purify?

Rational Purify is another dynamic tool from IBM which is meant for carrying out the analysis of the software systems and applications and to provide help to the software developers in producing a code that is more reliable. 

The IBM rational purify comes with unique capabilities:
  1. Memory leak detection: This capability is related to the identification of the memory blocks to which there are no valid pointers.
  2. Memory debugging: This capability is related to pin – pointing memory errors which are quite hard to be discovered such as the following:
a)   Points in code where the memory is freed improperly,
b)   Buffer over flow
c)   Access to uninitialized memory and so on.
  1. Performance profiling: This capability is involved with highlighting the bottle necks of the program performance and improving the application understanding via some graphical representations of the calls to the functions.
  2. Code coverage: This capability involves the identification of the code with the line – level precision that is untested.
- Platforms such as the AIX, solaris, windows, Linux and so on support the IBM rational purify. 
- The code that is developed with the help of the IBM rational purify is not only reliable but also faster. 
- This analysis tool is very well supported by the windows application development environment. 
- It has been observed that the windows applications which have been developed using the rational purify have stood to be quite reliable throughout. - There is no need to provide rational purify with a direct access to the source code.
- This makes it capable to be used with the libraries belonging to the third–parties. 
- Languages such as the .NET, visual C++ etc are supported by the rational purify. 
- The IBM rational purify is known to integrate well with the Microsoft visual studio. 
- Almost all the software systems belonging to the windows family are supported by the IBM rational purify. 
- The corruption in the memory is identified and the debugging time is reduced significantly. 
- The reliability pertaining to the execution of the software is also reduced. 
- Also, the software systems and applications now make a better utilization of the memory. 
- The IBM rational purify comes with the binary instrumentation technology in which the code is instrumented at the level of the object or the byte level. 
Here, re–linking or the re–compilation of the software system or application is not required for the analyzation of the code. 
- Further, the third–part libraries are also analyzed. 
- With the help of the IDE integration feature, the rational purify can integrate very well with the Microsoft visual studio thus cutting down on the need of switching between different tools having different types of user interfaces. 
- It therefore develops a more productive and cohesive development environment and experience. 
- It helps in the testing as well as the analyzation of the code as it is produced by the programmer. 
- A comprehensive support is provided to most of the programming languages. - The ‘selective instrumentation’ feature of the rational purify enables a user to limit the analyzation of the software to a subset consisting of the modules which together comprise the whole application. 
- This helps greatly in the reduction of the run-time and instrumentation overhead.  
- The reporting to the modules concerned also gets limited. 
- The rational purify can be run from the command line also since it comes with a command line interface. 
- Automated testing frame works are among the rest that are supported by the software system or application. 
- In a way the software developers are empowered in delivering the product with the quality that is expected by the users.

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