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Monday, December 24, 2012

What is IBM Rational Performance Tester?

What is a Rational Performance Tester?

- The Rational Performance Tester was developed by IBM to make the performance testing automated so that quality software could be delivered to the end users. 
- The performance tester is a great way to accelerate the performance of a software system or application without degrading its quality and this is what that matters the most. 
- This is a performance testing tool that has been developed exclusively for the identification of the cause as well as the presence of the software performance bottlenecks. 
- Using this tool, the testers can validate the scalability factor of most of the server and web based applications. 
- Further, it can be very well used for the creation of the tests in a code free style i.e., the need of programming knowledge is eliminated. 
- The test editor of this tool is quite rich in features and using it one can both the detailed and high level view of the performance tests. 
- The test data variation is automated here which means that the custom java code can be inserted possibly for making the test customization more flexible. 
With the rational performance tester the emulation of the user populations which are quite diverse in nature is possible. 
- Also, it provides you options for flexible modeling at the same reducing the processor and memory foot print.
- If any error is found, it is reported in the real time so that the performance problem can be recognized immediately. 
- The report is presented in the form of HTML web pages in the application window itself. 
- This tool collects server resource data and integrates it with the real time performance data from the application. 
- You can even perform load testing against a number of applications such as:
  1. HTTP
  2. SAP
  3. Sieble
  4. SIP
  5. TCP socket
  6. Citrix and so on.
- It works well on all the windows platforms plus Linux and z/OS. 
- The performance tests can be quickly executed. 
- You can determine what impact the load is having on your software system and application.
- The below mentioned are the basic features of the rational performance tester:
  1. Code free testing
  2. Root cause analysis tool: It helps you to dig out the root cause and diagnose it.
  3. Real time reporting
  4. Test data: It reduces the headache of generating the test data by providing you options for generating it from the scripts and data pools etc.
- It comes with a recording frame work which supports the recording of the tests consisting of a SOCKS or HTTP proxy, and service tests along with the socket recorder. 
- You have the privilege of making selections among the Firefox profiles that already exist. 
- Furthermore, it comes with a protocol traffic graph which gives a real time display of the amount of data that has been recorded. 
- There is a test annotation tool bar consisting of support for all the protocols and screen capture annotations. 
- With rational performance tester, it is possible to copy and paste the page elements in the HTTP tests. 
- The data correlation tools can be customized and written using the rules editor. 
- The automatic data correlation can be disabled either fully or partially. 
- All the references in a test can be viewed through a global view. 
- Now a wider variety of conditions can be implemented using the content verification points. 
- The fractional percentages are supported by the user groups. 
- Actions to be taken and messages to be logged can be specified for a particular condition in the case of error handling. 
- Reports can be made more presentable with the help of the custom verification points. 
- Java virtual machines can be used for collecting the resource monitoring data. 

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