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Friday, December 21, 2012

Give an overview of IBM Rational Application Developer?

The Rational Application Developer was developed by IBM to provide a complete solution for the development of the applications which are otherwise are difficult to be built. It creates an integrated environment for you to work in. The work bench platform can be further extended to meet your specific requirements. 
The Rational Application Developer by default supports two SCM systems (software configuration management systems) namely:
  1. SCM adapter plug–in: This is included for the CVS systems (concurrent version system). This is so because the eclipse only supports the open source SCM system which is none other than the CVS.
  2. Rational clear case SCM adapter plug–in: This is automatically installed by the rational application developer. However the clear case client needs to be installed separately.
Before using either of the above mentioned adapters, you should enable the appropriate one. 

About Rational Application Developer

- Rational application developer is a great tool for the development of web application since its work bench offers you a number of tools that you might require for developing your applications. 
- The application may range from web sites to static web pages to complex web applications which make use of JSP files or java servlets.
- A web project consists of all these resources, web resources and deployment descriptors.
- Rational application developer can also be used for the development of portal as well as portlet applications. 
- The tools provided by the rational application developer run well on web sphere portal. 
- Rational application developer has it all that is required for the development of portal – views, wizards and specialized editors. 
- All these ease the creation of the portal sites. 
- Java development tools of the rational application developer assist you in building and running the java programs that have been optimized. 
- Tools consist of a UML diagram editor and a visual editor as well. 
- The client, data tiers and servers can be segregated using the J2EE specifications for the enterprise applications. 
- It has also got some relation data base tools using which the work regarding the data access applications can be defined. 
- You can work with the following:
  1. Tables
  3. Filters
  4. SQL
  5. DB2
  6. UDB routines
  7. SQLJ files
  8. SQL DDL files
  9. DADX files
  10. XML files and so on.
- Not only this, a number of enterprise applications can be developed and tested in the specialized environment dedicated to this by the rational application developer. 
- The following tasks can also be carried out:
  1. Writing and editing business logic
  2. Importing and exporting enterprise applications
  3. Maintenance of the source code
  4. Generating code using java development tools
- An already existing system can be redesigned to achieve better maintenance of the design. 
- This IBM product also comes with tools to assist you in discovering, transforming, and creating, deploying, building, developing, testing and publishing the web services. 
- Thus, it is a web service development package also. 
- A web service consists of many application functions that are related to each other and can be invoked over the internet. 
- These web services can be mixed and matched by the businesses for carrying out complex transformations involving just required amount of programming. 
Rational application developer has proved to be quite a great tool in developing the EGL (enterprise generation language) applications. 
- EGL are the languages which help you write code for full functions applications as quickly as possible. 
- It lets you focus up on the business problems rather than its development technology. 
- It can be used for the creation of a text user interface, basic batch, as well as web applications. 

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