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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What are main features of TestComplete?

Many of the software applications are being written as web–based applications that can be run in a browser. The measure of effectiveness with which these applications are tested varies from organization to organization. 

- Test complete automated testing tool offers the answer to this demand. 
- For tests such as regression tests, responsiveness can be generated only through automated testing tools as such. 
- Automated testing is the way to provide many benefits including repeat-ability and speed of the test execution. 
- Test automation is known to induce long term efficiency in a software system or application.
- Developers also get a rapid feedback and can carry out unlimited iterations of the tests.
- Reporting gets customized and finding defects that were missed during the manual testing becomes easy.
-  However, automation always does not prove to be advantageous.

Features of TestComplete

Test complete  testing tool comes with certain features which we shall state now:
  1. Keyword testing: This tool comes with a keyword–driven test editor that is built– in and consists of many keyword operations corresponding to the appropriate automated testing actions.
  2. Test record and play back: This tool records the key actions which are required to play back the test. All the actions other than the required ones are then discarded.
  3. Full featured script editor: This is another built – in editor using which the test scripts can be written manually. This editor comes with some special plug – ins that provide further assistance.
  4. Script debugging features: This feature lets you stop before every statement that can be executed so that you can keep a track of what is going on and make changes accordingly.
  5. Access to properties and methods of the objects: The names of all the visible elements can be read by this tool including internal elements of the following applications:
a)   Delphi
b)   C++builder
c)   .net
d)   WPF
e)   Java
f)    Visual basic etc.
Also this tool enables the access to values through test scripts so that they can be verified and used in the tests.
  1. Unicode support: Tool has a Unicode character set support which enables the user to test the applications that are non – ASCII and use characters such as Hebrew, greek, Arabic, katakana and so on.
  2. Issue–tracking support: This tool comes with issue tracking templates which can be deployed for the creation as well as modification of the items that reside in issue – tracking systems. The tool currently provides support for the following:
a)   Microsoft visual studio 2010,2008 and 2005 team system
b)   Bugzilla
c)   Automated QA AQdev team
  1. Open architecture (COM based): An open API, COM interface forms the basis for the test complete’s engine. This makes this tool independent of the source – language and enables it to read the debugger info. It can use this info during run time via debug info agent of test complete.
  2. Test visualizer: This feature of test complete lets you take screen shots of the test recording as well as play back thus allowing you to make comparisons among the actual as well as the expected screens during the run time.
  3. Support for plug–ins: This feature allows the third party vendors to connect with test complete via their software systems and applications. 

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