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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What is a TestComplete automated testing tool?

The smart bear software has come up with a complete testing solution which aims at providing a platform to the testers on which they can create software tests of high quality. This complete testing solution is popularly known by the name of test complete automated testing tool. This tool allows you to carry out following tasks with the tests:
  1. Record the tests
  2. Manually script the tests using the keyword operations
  3. Automated play back
  4. Error logging
Test complete automated testing tool can be used with a number of applications few of which have been mentioned below:
  1. Web
  2. Windows
  3. WPF
  4. HTML5
  5. Flash
  6. Flex
  7. Silverlight
  8. .NET
  9. Java and so on.
- It is used to automate testing such as the functional testing, front-end user interface testing, data base or back end testing and so on. 
- The test complete tool is effectively used for the creation as well as automation of a number of different software test types. 
- The tests can be recorded and playback can be done whenever required. 
- A test being performed manually is recorded and played over and over again in the form of an automated test. 
- The users have the option to modify the recorded tests whenever they want to so as to create new tests and make enhancements to the existing ones by adding use cases to them. 
- The following are the operating systems supported by test complete:
  1. Windows 200, XP
  2. Server 2003
  3. Server 2008
  4. Vista
  5. Windows 7
- The following are the testing types that can be carried out using the test complete testing tool:
  1. GUI or functional testing
  2. Regression testing
  3. Unit testing
  4. Web testing
  5. Keyword testing
  6. Load testing and functional testing of the web services
  7. Distributed testing
  8. Manual testing
  9. Data driven testing
  10. Coverage testing
- It comes with support for the following languages:
  1. Jscript
  2. VBscript
  3. C++ script
  4. Delphi script
  5. C# script
- The test complete is compatible with both 32 – bit and 64 – bit version of windows applications. 
- The extended support and access is provided for the internal object, their properties and methods for the following applications:
  1. .NET: this further includes the following: VB.NET, VCL.NET, Jscript.NET, C#, C# builder, .NET, perl, python etc.
  2. Java: this is inclusive of SWT, AWT, WFC and swing etc.
  3. WPF
  4. Sybase power builder
  5. Microsoft fox pro
  6. Microsoft access
  7. Microsoft InfoPath
  8. Web browsers such as Netscape navigator, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer etc.
  9. Visual C++
  10. Visual basic
  11. C++ builder
  12. Delphi
  13. Adobe flex
  14. Adobe flash
  15. Microsoft Silverlight
  16. Adobe AIR
- The test complete tool for its uninterrupted efficient performance has received several awards few of which we list below:
  1. Software development jolt awards by software development magazine
  2. pro readers’ choice award
  3. Delphi information readers’ choice awards
  4. ATI automation honors
  5. Windows IT pro editors’ best and community choice award
- The test complete automated software testing tool aims at the identification of all the defects existing in a software system or application. 
- It works on a process that exercises and evaluates a software product’s components through a manual automatic means so that it can be verified whether or not the product satisfies the end users’ requirements. 
- The test complete has been judged based up on factors such as: recording efficiency,
capability of script generation,
data driven testing,
test results reports,
execution speed,
playback of the scripts, 
ease to learn and cost.

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