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Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is IBM Rational Method Composer product?

One the major products of IBM is the Rational Method Composer or RMC. 

About Rational Method Composer

- This product has proved to be quite reliable in increasing the effectiveness as well as the agility of the software system or application.
- It provides platform that is quite flexible for process management. 
- This IBM product is equipped with the most comprehensive tooling of the software industry. 
- It also comes with the richest process library so as to provide assistance to the companies in the implementation of the effective processes so that they can come up with many successful IT and software projects. 

Characteristics of Rational Method Composer

  1. The rational method composer have some very new practices that will surely improve the performance of many of the leading process experience as well as expertise in the following areas:
Ø  Agile development
Ø  Governance and compliance
Ø  Requirements management
Ø  Quality management
Ø  Change management
Ø  Release management
  1. It helps greatly in the identification of the improvements that are needed by the mapping practices. The improvements identified by the rational method composer can be adopted in increments and improved also as per the business objectives of the project.
  2. The rational method composer offers a choice of over 100 process guidance that are both select-able and customizable and are inclusive of the IBM rational unified process. This guidance can help you in solving common management, business and development problems. 
  3. The facility of providing the corrective action and measured results is what makes the rational method composer more user friendly. Such measure let you harness the effectiveness of the practice adoption.
  4. With Rational Method Composer you get the privileges for managing, authoring, measuring, evolving as well as deploying the effective processes that are tailor made for your software system or application project needs since it is the leading the eclipse – based tool of the software industry.
  5. The rational method composer maintains consistency in driving the results across the whole project with the help of the best practices which have been proven and have been integrated with the following:
Ø  Measurements
Ø  Agile
Ø  Reporting
Ø  Project management tools and
Ø  Services
  1. A quantum leap forward is represented by the rational method composer and provides process solutions to IBM for the development of the software systems and applications, agile practices and service management.
  2. Rational method composer assists in capturing and maintaining the individuals’ own practices and further combines them with the practices and processes of IBM for achieving maximum result. 
One similarity that we can find in each and every project is that there is always a need to minimize the risk, ensuring the predictable results, delivering the high – quality results on time and so on.

Benefits of Rational Method Composer

- The practices provided by the rational method composer can be re-used for composing the process that is right – sized enough for meeting the specific requirements of the software systems and applications.
- The libraries of the rational method composer consist of the most robust practices.
- These practices are guidance for the software development, governance and management and can be very well applied to domains as well as the processes. 
- The following two libraries are shipped along with the rational method composer:
  1. The IBM rational unified process 
  2. The IBM practice Library

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