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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is a process framework? What is the approach of a successful project?

The process framework establishes a skeleton for project planning. It is adopted by allocating a task set that is appropriate to the project. There should be some flexibility given to the software team to select the best process model and engineering tasks suitable for the project.
- For a small project, linear sequential approach can be used.
- If for a project, tight time constraints are applied, RAD model can be used.
- If for a project, deadline is very tight, an incremental approach can be used.

After the selection of the appropriate process model, process framework is adapted to it. The process framework is invariant in nature and it acts as a basis for all software work.Process decomposition starts when the project manager wants to know how can this framework activity be accomplished.

Approach to manage a successful software project are:
- One should start on the right foot.
- Momentum should be maintained.
- Progress should be tracked.
- Decisions should be made smartly.
- Postmortem analysis should be conducted.

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