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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to test Graphical User Interface and Client Server Architecture?

The complexity of graphical user interface has grown leading to more difficulty in the design and execution of test cases. As new age graphical user interface have a same kind of look and feel, standard test cases can be written. A strategy that is similar to random or partition testing can also be used for testing graphical user interface. Finite state modeling graphs can also be used to derive test cases. Testing should be approached using automated tools.

Testing of client server architecture is a challenging job. The distributed nature, performance issues associated with transaction processing, presence of different hardware platforms, network communication, servicing multiple clients, coordination requirements makes the testing more difficult. testing of client server occurs at three levels:
- individual client applications are tested in disconnected mode.
- client and associated server applications are tested in concert.
- complete client server including operations is tested.

Different tests that are conducted for client/server systems are:
- Application function tests.
- Server tests.
- Database tests.
- Transaction tests.
- Network communication tests.

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