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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

User Interface Analysis and Design - Testing Interface Mechanisms

There are interface mechanisms through which the interaction between the user and the web application occurs. There are some testing interface mechanisms described below:
- Links are tested to ensure that proper content object or function is reached. External link testing should occur throughout the life of the web application. Links within content object are also tested. Part of a support strategy should be regularly scheduled link tests.

- Client side scripting should be repeated whenever a new version of a popular browser is released. Compatibility testing should be done to ensure that the scripting language that is chosen is working properly in environmental configuration that support the web application.

- Forms testing is done at two levels:
At macroscopic level, tests ensure that labels correctly identify fields within the form; server is receiving the information that is contained within the form; defaults are used when user is not selecting from pull down menu or set of buttons; browser functions do not corrupt data and error checking script is working properly.
At targeted level, tests ensure that form fields are of proper width and data types; appropriate pull-down menus option are specified; tab key is performing in the right manner and browser auto fill features do not lead to data input errors.

- Dynamic HTML in web applications are tested to ensure that the dynamic display is working fine.

- Pop up windows are tested to ensure that a pop up window is properly positioned and sized; the design of pop up window is consistent with the aesthetic design of interface; scroll bars are working properly.

- Streaming Content is tested to ensure that they are up to date, properly displayed and restarted without difficulty.

- Cookies are tested at both server and client side. On server side, tests are conducted to ensure cookie is properly constructed and transmitted to client side. Proper persistence of cookie is tested to ensure that the expiration date is correct. On client side, tests are conducted to ensure whether web applications properly attaches existing cookies to specific request.

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