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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What are the guidelines to be remembered if In House Web Engineering strategy is chosen for web application development?

Due to the increasing complexity, the web application project becomes like a software engineering project management. It is important to recognize that the guidelines recommended for small and moderately sized WebE projects can be performed quickly. In no case, should WebE planning for projects of this size take more than 5 percent of overall project effort :

- One should understand the scope, the dimensions of change, and project constraints. For an effective WebApp planning, requirements gathering and customer communication are essential precursors.
- An incremental project strategy should be developed so that evolution is not uncontrolled and chaotic.
- Risk analysis should be performed. All risk management tasks are performed for web engineering projects but the approach is abbreviated. Schedule and technology risk is the most important concern for most web engineers.
- The overall project estimate should be developed which focuses on macroscopic rather than microscopic issues.
- A set of web engineering tasks is selected which is appropriate for characteristics of problem, product, project, people on web engineering team.
- A schedule is established in which web engineering tasks are distributed along project timeline for increment to be developed.
- Regardless of project size, it is important to establish project milestones so that progress can be assessed.
- A change management is facilitated by incremental development strategy recommended for web applications. There is a possibility to delay change until next increment which in turn reduces the delay effects that are associated with changes.

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