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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WebApp Interface Design - Interface Control Mechanisms and Interface Design Workflow

The objectives of Web application interface are:
- establishing a consistent window into content and functionality provided by interface.
- guiding the users through interactions with web application.
- organizing the content and navigation options.

A metaphor is drawn that guides the user interaction and enables the user to gain understanding of the interface. Some interaction mechanisms available to web application designers are
- navigation menus that list key content and or functionality.
- graphic icons that enable user to select some property or specify a design.
- graphic images that implements a link to content object or the functionality of web application.

It includes the following tasks:
- The information contained in analysis model is reviewed and refined.
- A rough sketch of web application interface layout is developed.
- The user objectives are mapped to specific interface actions.
- Set of user tasks associated with each action are defined.
- For each interface action, storyboard screen images are developed.
- Input from aesthetic design can be used to refine interface layout.
- User interface objects required to implement interface are identified.
- A procedural representation of user's interaction is developed.
- A behavioral representation is developed.
- Interface layout is described.
- Interface design model is refined and reviewed.

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