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Sunday, August 14, 2011

What are User Interface Design and Operation oriented Metrics?

User interface design metrics are fine but above all else, be absolutely sure that your end users like the interface and are comfortable with the interactions required.
- Layout appropriateness is a design metric for human computer interface. The layout entities like graphic icons, text, menus, windows are used to assist the user.
- The cohesion metric for user interface measures the connection of on screen content to other on screen content. UI cohesion is high if data on screen belongs to single major data object. UI cohesion is low if different data are present and related to different data objects.
- The time required to achieve a scenario or operation, recover from an error, text density, number of data or content objects can be measured by direct measures of user interface interaction.

Operation oriented metrics are:
- Operation complexity is computed using complexity metrics because operations should be limited to a specific responsibility.
- Operation size depends on lines of code. As the number of messages sent by
a single operation increases, responsibilities have not been well allocated within a class.
- Average number of parameters per operation is defined as: larger the number of operation parameters, more complex is the relation between objects.

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