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Monday, August 29, 2011

What are different process metrics and software process improvement?

Process metrics have long term impact. Their intent is to improve the process itself. These metrics are collected across all projects. To make an improvement in any process, develop metrics based on attributes and then use these attributes as indicators leading a strategy for improvement.

The three factors people, product and technology are connected to a process which sits at the center. The efficiency of a software process is measured indirectly. A set of metrics is derived based on the outcomes derived from process. These outcomes include error measures that are uncovered before the release of software, defects reported by end users and other measures. The skill and motivation of the software people doing the work are the most important factors that influence software quality.

Private metrics are private to an individual and serve as an indicator for individual only. It includes defect rates by individuals and software components and the errors that are found during development. Private data can serve as an important driver as individual software engineer works to improve.

Public metrics assimilate the information that was private to individuals and teams. Calendar times, project level defect rates, errors during formal technical reviews are reviewed to uncover indicators improving team performance.

Software process metrics benefits the organization and improve its overall level of process maturity.

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