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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What are Web engineering Systems? What are the attributes for web based systems?

Web systems deliver complex array of content and functionality to end users. Web engineering creates high quality web applications. Web based systems grow complex, a failure in one can propagate broad based problems. There is a need for disciplined approaches and new methods and tools for development, deployment and evaluation of web based systems and applications.

Attributes for web based systems are:
- A web application should serve the needs of different community of clients.
- A large number of users may access the web application at one time.
- Web application should be able to handle unpredictable load.
- Users of popular web application demand access and availability of them round the clock.
- Web applications uses hypermedia and access information that exists on databases that were originally not a part of web based environment.
- The content should be of good quality.
- Web applications evolve continuously. Continuous care and feeding allows a web site to grow.
- Web applications exhibit a time to market. Web engineers use methods for planning, analysis, design, implementation and testing to compress time schedules.
- To protect sensitive content and provide secure modes of data transmission, strong security measures should be implemented.
- The look and feel of a web application should be appealing.

The categories of web applications that are encountered in web engineering are informational, download, customization, interaction, user input, transaction oriented, service oriented, portal, database access, data warehousing.

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