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Monday, August 22, 2011

What are different design issues and attributes for web applications?

Design model contains enough information to reflect how requirements are translated into content and executable code. Design should be specific. It is an engineering activity. It leads to a high quality product. the major attributes for quality of web applications are:

- Security of web applications is the ability of WebApp and its server environment to stop unauthorized access or threat.
- Availability plays an important attribute. Availability is the measure of the percentage of time that a web application is available for use. The expectation of a end user regarding the availability of a web application is each and every moment. Using features available on one browser or platform makes the web application unavailable to those who work on different platform or browser.
- Scalability is whether the web application and interfacing systems are able to handle significant variation in volume or will the responsiveness drop. Web application should be designed in such a way that it is able to accommodate the burden.
- Time to market is a measure of quality from a business point of view.

Assessing content quality includes :
- whether the user needs are met by determining the scope and depth of content?
- whether the background and authority of content's authors be easily identified?
- whether it is possible to determine the currency of content, last update and what was updated?
- whether the content and its location stable?
- credibility of content?
- uniqueness of content?
- whether content is valuable to targeted user?
- whether the content is well organized and easily accessible?

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