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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What comprises the Web Engineering Team?

For a successful web application project, there is a need for a successful web engineering team. Web engineering teams can be organized in the same manner as traditional software team, however, players and their roles are quite different.

The roles that people play in a web engineering team are:

- Content is the most important part of web applications. So, role of content developer or provider focus on the generation of content.
- The content developed should be organized. Web publisher is a person who acts as a mediator between the technical person and non technical content developer.
- Web engineer is responsible for activities like requirements elicitation, analysis modeling, architectural, navigational and interface design, web application implementation and testing. He should be thorough in technologies as well.
- Business domain experts take care of questions related to business goals, objectives and requirements associated with a web application.
- Support specialist is a person whose responsibility is to continue with web application support. All the corrections, adaptations and enhancements are taken care by a support specialist.
- Administrator is responsible for the day to day activity of a web application which also includes development and implementation of policies, support procedures, security rights, handling web traffic etc.

In order to build a team for web application:
- team guidelines are established which includes expectations from team member, how problems are dealt and what methods are used to improve the effectiveness.
- strong leadership.
- team motivation and respect for individual talents.
- commitment from every team member is necessary.
- momentum should be maintained.

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