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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is meant by analysis for web applications?

Web sites are complex and dynamic in nature. Web application analysis concentrates on three important criteria:
- information or content that is presented.
- functions that are to be performed for end user.
- behaviors of web applications.

Analysis of web applications is mainly done by web engineers, non technical content developers and stakeholders. Analysis modeling is important because it enables a web engineering team to develop a concrete model of web application requirements. It helps to define fundamental aspects of problem. There are four important aspects that analysis modeling focus:
- Content analysis identifies content classed and collaborations.
- Interaction analysis describes user interaction, navigation and system behaviors occurring as a consequence.
- Function analysis defines web application functions performed for user and sequence of processing.
- Configuration analysis identifies the operational environment in which a web application resides.

Analysis modeling should be done by web applications when the following conditions are met:
- web application is large or complex.
- number of stakeholder is large.
- number of web engineers is large.
- goals and objectives for web application will effect the business.
- success of web application will have strong affect on the success of business.

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