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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What kind of people are involved in development process?

People play an important role in the development process. One should understand the people involved in the software development process, particularly, their interest regarding the system and the software that needs to be developed.

End-users are the people who will be using the end-product. Some end users are directly involved and some are indirectly involved. Those who are directly involved are:

- Operational Job: They perform the operational functions of the system. They are concerned with the human interface component of the system like what keyboard, display screen you are using? They have the local view of the system. They tend to think of the system in physical terms.

- Supervisor Job: They perform supervisory actions on daily operations of the system. They are most likely to be concerned with the operational efficiency of the functions that needs to be performed such as more output in less time. They also tend to have same local and physical view of the system similar with the operational users. they are the users who have more contact with the software engineers.

- Executive Job: They generally provide the initiative and serve as the funding authority of the system development project. They are less likely to be concerned with the day to day activities. They are more concerned with strategic issues and long term profit and loss. They are more interested in global view of the system. They are generally able to work with abstract models of the system rather than the physical terms.

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