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Friday, March 18, 2011

Team Software Process (TSP) - Strategy and Objectives

The goal of Team Software Process (TSP) is to build a self directed project team that organizes itself to produce high quality software. The objectives of TSP are:
- The TSP is intended to improve the levels of quality and productivity of a team's software development project.
- Using TSP, organizations establish a mature and disciplined engineering practice that produces secure, reliable software in less time and at lower costs.
- Accelerate software process improvement by making CMM level 5 behavior normal and expected.
- Show managers how to coach and motivate their teams and how to help them to sustain peak performance.
- Build self directed teams that plan and track their work, establish goals, and own their processes and plans. To form a self directed team, you must collaborate well internally and communicate well externally.

A self directed team should do the following:
- understand overall goals and objectives.
- defines roles and responsibilities for each team member.
- tracks quantitative project data.
- identifies a team process appropriate for project.
- implementing strategy for the process.
- defines local standards.
- assess risk and reacts to it.
- tracks, reports and manages project status.


- Provide a simple process framework based on the PSP.
- Use modest, well-defined problems.
- Develop products in several cycles.
- Establish standard measures for quality and performance.
- Provide detailed role definitions.
- Use role and team evaluations.
- Require process discipline.
- Provide guidance on teamwork problems.

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