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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is a software process? What are different types of software process models?

A strategy that a software development team employs in order to build quality software is called software process. A software process is chosen based on:
- nature of the project and application.
- methods and tools to be used.
- management and work products that are required.

A software process consists of:
- Framework activities: People who are involved in the development process perform these activities. They are alsoknown as phases of the software development process.
- Tasks sets: The activities in the process framework defines a set of tasks. These tasks would have milestones, deliverables or work products and software quality assurance (SQA) points.
- Umbrella activities: These are the activities that supports the framework of activities as the software development project progresses such as software project management, change management, requirements management, risk management, formal technical reviews.

Types of Software Process Models
- Linear Sequential Model
- Prototyping Model
- Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model
- Evolutionary Process Models which includes Incremental Model, Spiral Model and
Component-based Assembly Model.
- Concurrent Development Model
- Formal Methods

Factors that Affect the Choice of Process Model
- Type of the Project
- Methods and Tools to be Used
- Requirements of the Stakeholders
- Common Sense and Judgment

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