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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Team Software Process Team working Process

One should make ensure that the team members of team software process team follow the TSP plan.It includes:
- Leading the Team
- Process Discipline
- Issue Tracking
The team leader is responsible for leading and guiding the team which includes the day-to-day direction of the work, protecting team resources, resolving team issues, conducting team meetings, and reporting on the work.
During process discipline, the team leader ensures that the engineers do the job the way they had planned to do it. In monitoring process discipline, the team leader should check that every team member records his or her process data, reports on weekly status, and produces quality products.
Another responsibility is issue tracking which ensures that all of the issues that the team.

- Communication
- Management Reporting
Communication is a key part of maintaining the team’s energy and drive and facilitating communication is a key part of the team leader’s responsibilities. The team leader is responsible for maintaining open and effective team communication.
Management should be informed about team status and performance on a regular basis.

- Maintaining the Plan
- Estimating Project Completion
Maintaining the plan is very important once the teams have completed the project launch and started on the job, the plan guides the work. It also provides a benchmark for measuring progress as well as means to identify problems that might threaten the project schedule.
TSP teams track progress against the plan every week using a method called earned value. With earned value, each task is assigned a value based on the percentage of
the total project estimate that is required for that task.

- Re-balancing Team Workload
- Relaunching the Project
Unbalanced workload can cause a team to be inefficient. Causes include normal fluctuation in engineering performance. Also, the most experienced engineers are generally involved in much more of the work than the team members with less experience.
Whenever teams find that the plan no longer helps them to do their jobs, they should relaunch their projects. Teams should also be relaunched when there are major changes in the work to be done or in team membership.

- TSP Quality Management
TSP shows how to manage quality, teams must establish quality measures, set quality goals, establish plans to meet these goals, measure progress against the plans, and take remedial action when the goals are not met.

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