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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Formal Technical Review - Fagan's Inspection Method

Fagan's Inspection Method is introduced by Fagon. Apart from checking codes of programs,it is used to check other work products such as technical documents, model elements, data and code design etc. It follows certain procedural rules that each member should follow:
- The time limit for an inspection meeting is for two hours.
- Inspections are led by a trained moderator.
- Inspections are carried out at a number of points in the process of project planning and systems development.
- All classes of defects in documentation and work product are inspected.
- Inspection is carried out by colleagues at all levels of seniority except the big boss.
- Inspectors are assigned specific roles to increase effectiveness.
- Statistics on types of errors are key, and used for reports which are analyzed in a manner similar to financial analysis.

Different activities that are involved in conducting inspections are:
- Planning is very important and in this case the moderator is asked to build up a plan.
- Presentation should be given which gives an overall overview.
- Each inspector is given 1 to 2 hours alone to inspect the workproduct.
- Meeting should be held in which participants of the meeting are the inspectors, moderator and the developer of the work product.
- The defect list is given for repair.
- Follow up with the repair work.
- Casual analysis meeting is held where inspectors are given a chance to express their personal view on errors and improvements.

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