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Friday, March 18, 2011

Team Software Process (TSP) - Framework Activities and Phases

Team Software Process (TSP) scripts define elements of the team process and the following framework activities:

It reviews course objectives and describes the TSPi structure and content. It assigns teams and roles to students and describes the customer needs statement. It also establishes team and individual goals.
It creates a conceptual design for the product and establishes the development strategy and decide what will be produced in each cycle. Strategy makes initial size and effort estimates and establish a configuration management plan, reuse plan and risk management.
It estimates the size of each artifact to be developed. Planning also identifies tasks to be performed, estimates time to complete each task;, assign tasks to team members, make a weekly schedule for task completion and make a quality plan.
Requirements analyze need statements and interview the customers, specify and inspect the requirements and develop a system test plan.
It creates a high-level design, specify the design, inspect the design, develop an integration test plan.
Implementation uses the PSP to implement modules/units, creates detailed design of modules/units, reviews the design, translates the design to code, review the code,
compile and test the modules/units and analyze the quality of the modules/units.
Testing builds and integrate the system. It conducts a system test and produce user documentation.
It conducts a postmortem analysis, writes a cycle report and produce peer and team evaluations.

TSP makes use of a wide variety of scripts, forms, and standards that serve to guide team members in their work. Scripts defines specific process activities and other more detailed work functions that are part of the team process.
TSP recognizes that the best software teams are self directed. Team members set project objectives, adapt the process to meet their needs, have control over schedule, and through measurement and analysis of the metrics collected, work continually to improve team's approach to software engineering.

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