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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is a System? What are general principles of system?

System is an:
- integrated set of inter-operable elements;
- it consists of group of entities or components;
- interacting together to form specific inter-relationships;
- organized by means of structure;
- working together to achieve a common goal.

In defining the system boundaries,a software engineer discovers the following:
- entities or group of entities that are related and organized in some way within the system, either they provide input, do activities or receive output;
- activities or actions that must be performed by the entities or group of entities in order to achieve the purpose of the system;
- a list of inputs;
- a list of outputs.
Entities that are involved in this system are the applicant, club staff and coach.

General Principles of Systems
- The more specialized a system, the less it is able to adapt to different circumstances.
- The larger the system is, the more resources must be devoted to its everyday maintenance
- Systems are always part of larger systems, and they can always bepartitioned into smaller systems

There are two types of systems, namely, man-made systems and automated systems. Man made systems will always have areas for correctness and improvements. These areas for correctness and improvements can be addressed by automated systems. Automated systems consists of computer hardware, computer software, people, procedures, data and information and the connectivity that allows the connection of one computer systemwith another computer system.

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