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Monday, March 28, 2011

What are different activities that comprise Software Quality Assurance?

To build a quality software, software quality assurance comprise of different activities. People involved are development team and software quality assurance team. The team of software quality assurance is responsible for quality assurance planning, overseeing, analyzing, record keeping, defects analysis and rework.

The activities encompassing software quality assurance are:
- Software Quality Assurance Plan is prepared by SQA team. They identify the evaluation to be performed, audits and reviews to be performed, standards that are applicable, procedures for error reporting and tracking, documents to be produced and amount of feedback required.
- SQA team checks if the selected software development process conform to the organizational policy and quality standards.
- SQA team monitor and track deviations from the software development process. It reviews software engineering activities.
- SQA team reviews, monitor and track defects found with each work products. Documentations are done to ensure that corrections have been made.
- The SQA team ensures that deviations in the software activities and work products are handled based on defined standard operating procedures.
- The SQA team reports deviations and non-compliance to standards to the senior management or stakeholders.

Software quality assurance plans saves time, money, increases productivity, enhances training, provides extra support.

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