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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How does Personal Software Process (PSP) help in Improving Quality of the Product?

Software quality is gaining importance day by day and getting a zero-defect product is really challenging. Any defect in a small part of a large program could potentially cause serious problems. Thus, to produce high-quality large programs, every software engineer who develops one or more of the system's parts must do high-quality work. This means that all engineers must manage the quality of their personal work. To help them do this, the PSP guides engineers in tracking and managing every defect

Simple coding mistakes can produce very destructive or hard-to-find defects. This is particularly important since the source of most software defects is simple programmer
oversights and mistakes.To improve program quality, PSP training shows engineers how to track and manage all of the defects they find in their programs.

- The first PSP quality principle is that engineers are personally responsible for the quality of the programs they produce. The PSP provides a series of practices and measures to help engineers assess the quality of the programs they produce and to guide them in finding and fixing all program defects as quickly as possible. PSP quality management methods are early defect removal and defect prevention.

- The second PSP quality principle is early defect removal.The PSP process includes design and code review steps in which engineers personally review their work products before they are inspected, compiled, or tested. The principle behind the PSP review process is that people tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly.

- The third PSP quality principle is to prevent defects.There are three ways to prevent defects in PSP. First, engineers record data on each defect they find and fix and then review these data to determine
what caused the defects and to make process changes to eliminate these causes. Second, use an effective design method and notation to produce complete designs. Third, with a more thorough design, coding time is reduced, thus reducing defect injection.

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