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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Users involved in Development Process and End-Users who are involved indirectly in the development process...

The higher the level of the manager, the less he or she is likely to care about computer technology.
The goals and priorities of management may be in conflict with those of the supervisory and operational users.
Management may not provide resources, funding or time that the users feel is necessary to build an effective system.

The end users involved indirectly in the development process are auditors, standard bearers, and quality assurance group.
The objective of this group is to ensure that the system is developed in accordance with various standard set:
- standards by other departments.
- standards by government regulatory agencies.
- accounting standards.
- they do not get involved until the end of project.
- they provide the necessary notation and format of documentation.

Development Team
It is responsible in building the software that will supporta domain specific system.
System Analyst
Responsibility is understanding the system. Within this system, he identifies customer wants, and documents and prioritizes requirements.
System Designer
Responsibility is to transform a technology free architectural design that will providethe framework within which the programmers can work.
Responsibility of the programmers is to write the codes of the software using a particular programming language based on system design.
Work product should be reviewed for faults and errors. It ensures thatwork products meet requirements and standards defined.

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